Tornado Foosball Table Review & Buying Guide

Tornado Foosball Table Review & Buying Guide

Tornado has been making high-quality foosball tables since 1982. Made for both professionals and amateurs, the company produces a wide variety of foosball tables that people have been patronizing for more than 30 years. One of the major reasons why Tornado stands out against its competitors is its sole focus on foosball. Unlike other manufacturers, this company does not dive into other table and board games.

The company only has its energy focused on making the best high-quality foosball tables. Its products are available in both coin and non-coin types. People admire the company’s workmanship that allows for foosball tables of impressive quality. Tornado also offers spare parts in case customers encounter foosball table issues.

Best Tornado Foosball Tables

Tornado Worthington Foosball Table

The Worthington table belongs to the expensive range of Tornado foosball tables. It features a commercial-grade design with a classy and professional appeal, thanks to its two-toned wooden finish. This table has a size of 36x30x56, and weighs around 351 pounds. It has a 1.5-inch thick fiberboard cabinet (medium intensity), and adjustable leg levelers to accommodate uneven surfaces.

This product is made of furniture-grade wood, laminated game field, high-quality steel rods, and solid wood handles. The company promises durability and easy maintenance for current and future owners. Because it is a commercial-grade foosball table, you can do light to heavy playing without worrying about its sturdiness.

Its overall look is capable of providing durability and rigidity, while exuding an attractive and professional appeal. Amateur and professional players can benefit from this model, which is priced at $2,099.00. If you have ample space and budget, as well as an oozing passion for foosball, then the Tornado Worthington is worth your money.

Tornado Elite Foosball Table

The Elite version is designed with intermediate to advanced foosball players in mind. Priced at nearly $1,500.00, this foosball table has a 1.5-inch thick cabinet and has a weight of over 225 pounds. Amateurs and professionals can do heavy playing without worrying about its durability. It is made of commercial-grade materials, especially the levelers and hollow rods, to withstand regular heavy-duty gameplay.

The Elite’s 3/4-inch thick play field is guaranteed durable and is resistant to warping. The gameplay can be fast because of the sturdy playing surface and the rods. In addition, this table lets users keep the men in horizontal position, so they will not block their own shots. Such feature will lead to a continuous and fast gameplay. The ball returns can be found on the sides for added efficiency, while the eight-sided wooden handles provide excellent grip and comfort. Overall, the Elite is perfect for foosball players who want a conventional, high-quality table that can stand the test of time.

Tornado T-3000 Foosball Table

The T-3000 features a stylish, durable, and comfortable design. Its cabinet is 1.5-inch thick and is made of stainless steel laminate. Weighing 355 pounds, this foosball table is around 130 pounds heavier than the Elite version. All of its parts are made of high-quality materials. When it comes to gameplay, the T-3000 guarantees that there will be zero dead spots.

The wood handles look stylish and sturdy, while the ball returns on the sides offer player convenience. The Tornado men were made with increased cross-section and sharper corners for maximum passing and control. Experienced players will surely love the gameplay in this Tornado foosball table. It is built primarily for both intermediate and professional players, but anybody who can afford this $2,000.00 table is welcome to enjoy its features. This top-of-the-line table can stand the test of time when well taken care of, with materials and features allowing for everyday heavy-duty gaming.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Sport version has a one-inch thick cabinet to ensure durability and sturdiness. You can count on this table’s ability to withstand the test of time. With a one-year warranty covering it, you are sure to enjoy foosball table games with your friends and family for many years. This table weighs 200 pounds. Its legs have boots, and you can place shims inside them for an even surface.

In addition, the hollow steel rods are lightweight for a faster gameplay. Experienced foosball table players will appreciate this model, while it may take time for beginners to get used to the faster rods. The leg levelers give the table a professional look, while the green surface features a Mahogany Melamine finish for its elegant appearance. The players come in black and yellow colors, giving the Sport model a classic and professional-grade design. Overall, the Sport is durable enough to manage heavy gameplay, but might be too much for beginners to use.

Tornado Classic Foosball Table

The Classic version, like all of the Tornado models on this list, is made with high-quality materials to make it last for many years. It features a 1.5-inch cabinet that ensures durability and stability. This table weighs about 225 pounds, which means you can use it for heavy and aggressive gameplay without worrying about breaking it.

Moreover, the wooden handles are made for style and comfort. You will find the ball returns on the sides, so players can easily retrieve them and head back to the game in no time. The laminated game field is made of black leather for a modern look. The lightweight wooden handles, yellow players, and green surface offer some contrast.

The Classic version is perfect for intermediate to advanced adult players. It gives a stylish, professional-grade look that you cannot ignore. It has all the features that you need for a quick and fun gameplay for only $1,000.00. Best of all, it comes with a one-year warranty, so you can play with it for a long period of time.

Tornado Foosball Table Review Summary

Tornado foosball tables are guaranteed durable, sturdy, and fun. These are just some of the best Tornado tables that you can consider. They are made of top-quality materials and the features included allow for a fast and efficient game. Most of the foosball tables mentioned here are all built for intermediate to advanced players, but passionate beginners can get used to their features with regular practice.

Best 3 Foosball Drinking Games

Best 3 Foosball Drinking Games

Foosball is a great game that you can play with your friends and family. Much like soccer, its objective is to score by bringing the ball to the opponent’s goal. The foosball can be played by two players or up to two teams on each side of the table. The game is played with nine balls, with the first team or player to get five goals rising as the winner.

To make foosball more fun, players can use it as a drinking game. Below are three of the best foosball drinking games that you can choose from. You can either select from the choices or attempt to do all of them for added excitement.

Foosball Drinking Games overview

Basic Drinking Game

Nearly everybody still loves the old-fashioned drinking game. The players do not have to be great in playing foosball. This game is simply for the enjoyment of everyone. One good thing about this game is that everybody gets to drink even if they lose. The following are the game rules:

  • Your opponent will be required to drink one shot for every goal scored.
  • Your opponent will be required to drink two shots for every goal scored by the defensive player.
  • You get to drink two shots if you score on yourself.

Crazy Drinking Game

This is a crowd-favorite as you will get crazy as the game proceeds. Simply place all the balls on the table and spread them. The game is best played with an odd number of balls, so there will always be a winner at the end.

Bring as many balls as you can to your opponent’s goal. The winning team is the one that puts the most balls in. The game can end quite fast, depending on how solid your defense is.

Mini Table Drinking Game

This mini foosball table drinking game is a perfect pre-party activity, just before you head out to the bars. It comes with shot glasses and a holder, as well as a free gift box offer should you plan to give it to a friend or loved one. You can apply the same rules as the basic drinking game described above.

The best way to play this game is with mixed shots, beer, or alternating shots with a teammate if you are playing in teams. Hard alcohol is not recommended for this game. You may not be able to play for several times as you will get tipsy easily.