Best 3 Foosball Drinking Games

Foosball is a great game that you can play with your friends and family. Much like soccer, its objective is to score by bringing the ball to the opponent’s goal. The foosball can be played by two players or up to two teams on each side of the table. The game is played with nine balls, with the first team or player to get five goals rising as the winner.

To make foosball more fun, players can use it as a drinking game. Below are three of the best foosball drinking games that you can choose from. You can either select from the choices or attempt to do all of them for added excitement.

Foosball Drinking Games overview

Basic Drinking Game

Nearly everybody still loves the old-fashioned drinking game. The players do not have to be great in playing foosball. This game is simply for the enjoyment of everyone. One good thing about this game is that everybody gets to drink even if they lose. The following are the game rules:

  • Your opponent will be required to drink one shot for every goal scored.
  • Your opponent will be required to drink two shots for every goal scored by the defensive player.
  • You get to drink two shots if you score on yourself.

Crazy Drinking Game

This is a crowd-favorite as you will get crazy as the game proceeds. Simply place all the balls on the table and spread them. The game is best played with an odd number of balls, so there will always be a winner at the end.

Bring as many balls as you can to your opponent’s goal. The winning team is the one that puts the most balls in. The game can end quite fast, depending on how solid your defense is.

Mini Table Drinking Game

This mini foosball table drinking game is a perfect pre-party activity, just before you head out to the bars. It comes with shot glasses and a holder, as well as a free gift box offer should you plan to give it to a friend or loved one. You can apply the same rules as the basic drinking game described above.

The best way to play this game is with mixed shots, beer, or alternating shots with a teammate if you are playing in teams. Hard alcohol is not recommended for this game. You may not be able to play for several times as you will get tipsy easily.