Types of Foosball Tables

Table football, more known as foosball, is a tabletop game patterned on the association football. You can purchase one at home to enjoy with your friends and family, or to train for an upcoming competition. Foosball tables generally come in two types: table-top and stand-alone. Both types have their own pros and cons, but neither is better or worse. Everything boils down to your personal preferences.

The price range for both types is different. This is because the quality, features, and overall gaming experience play a role. It is crucial to consider which type and what brand to purchase. For this article, you will be guided on the basic types of foosball tables to help you narrow down your options.

types of foosball tables


The stand-alone foosball table, as the name suggests, stands on its own. This is the traditional set-up, which comes with legs attached. It is normally larger than a tabletop and is more expensive, as well. A good quality stand-alone foosball table, however, will last a long time when well taken care of. It offers a more authentic play, too. This design is perfect for older kids, teens, and adults.


A tabletop is designed to sit on top of any sturdy surface. It is much lighter and smaller than the stand-alone foosball table. You can easily transport it around the house or bring it anywhere you wish. The good thing about the tabletop foosball table is that you can set it on the floor, the table, or any hard surface. You can place it where the players are most comfortable.

Tabletop foosball tables are ideal for young children and beginners who want to test the game as it is cheaper than the traditional set-up. It is also great for people who want portability. Make sure to purchase one that has non-slip and non-scratch pads underneath to protect the surface it is on.


A multi-game foosball table is designed to be converted into many other tabletop games, such as table tennis, checkers, chess, and air hockey. It is ideal if you have kids who like to explore the many different tabletop games, or if you have limited space and want versatility.

Switching from foosball to another game you want to play will involveĀ removing the rods. Multi-game tables are available in both tabletop and stand-alone versions. While they tend to be more expensive than the two basic types, multi-game tables offer more variety.